Final Thoughts on Cuba

In no particular order:


  1. What an odd country where health care is free but you can’t buy an aspirin.
  2. The best restaurants are private (paladares) which compete with state owned restaurants.  Guess where all the gringos go.  The state fights back though.  They make the tour buses dump the tourists out at least four blocks from the private restaurants..
  3. Artists are the elite of the country, but they mostly sell out of there home and you pay by wire transfer to another country.
  4. Their national ballet company is as good as any in the world, but their ballet theatre had restrooms with urinals torn out of the walls and no toilet paper. Continue reading

There Must Be Another Reason to Come Here

And it isn’t food.  I’ve now had three major meals in Havana, not including breakfasts, which is, I realize, a small sample.  I’m never one to shy away from making premature judgments about anything, least of all, food.  I’m ready to judge.  I’m pretty sure they have no idea how to cook in Cuba.  Maybe it’s the commies, perhaps it’s  the years the rooskies were here, but either they never knew how to cook, or, if they did,  they’ve forgotten. Continue reading