Thoughts occur at random times about random topics, and I’ve long wanted a functional storehouse for those often elusive thoughts.  The idea of sharing my thoughts with others through electronic media occurred to me only fairly recently, and frankly, allowing others who I know in varying degrees to see these thoughts was a bit frightening.  Now that I’ve moved from a private blogging platform where I could restrict who sees my thinking to a public platform where anyone, who is so inclined, can gain access to my thinking, my fears have only increased.

As I’ve been told though, without risk there is no gain.  So far, at least, I’ve been the beneficiary of all of the comments, positive and negative,  that have been offered on my work.  I hope that this new platform will make that dialogue even easier.  I welcome your comments and contact whether to rebut, offer contrary opinion or, hopefully, to indicate your interest in or appreciation for what I’ve said.

I’m now in the comfortable position as an ex-businessman, part time farmer, full time husband, father and grandfather, and interested observer of the public scene to have both the time and interest to attach myself to the varied topics that interest me…they are never in short supply I can assure you.

You will see if you follow my writings over even a short period of time, my interests are eclectic and my social/political philosophy, which leans toward the progressive, encroaches itself into my opinions.  If that is bothersome to you, I would only ask for an open mind, and remind you that the delete button is your ultimate tool of retribution.

Unfortunately, as in the past, I will not publish new material on a regular schedule, but only as the spirit moves me, the tide of current events and the natural world coincide with the time I have in front of my computer.  For those who have followed me in the past, I will notify you via email when I post something new.  For others who stumble across my site, you’re on your own.